Cinco West Pediatrics asks that you submit requests for referrals at least five business days prior to your scheduled appointment with your child’s specialist.  Please provide:  The child’s full name, date of birth, parent or guardian’s name, contact phone number, name of insurance, date of appointment, specialist’s complete name, office phone number, and diagnosis or reason for the office visit.

Once the referral has been completed, the parent or guardian will be notified by phone that it is ready to be picked up at our office.  Referrals will not be faxed.  It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to submit a referral request in a timely manner.  Only under extreme emergency circumstances will same-day referrals be approved and provided.  Referrals cannot be back-dated, and in most cases, your insurance will require 24- to 48-hour notice to authorize the referral.

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