Our Comprehensive Children’s Services include:


If you have an emergency call 911 and then call our office to notify us. In the event that our office is closed and your child needs medical attention we recommend Texas Children’s Urgent Center or Memorial Hermann Katy ER.

For non-urgent calls, please call our office and leave a message with the nurse. Your call will be returned in a timely manner.

 Newborn Visits

Newborns are generally seen in our office within 2-3 days after discharge from the hospital. If there are issues that need our attention sooner than 2-3 days the hospital will notify you in order for you to make an appointment with us sooner. Bring any discharge papers, vaccine records and any reports you may have such as hearing screen to your first visit.

New Patients

To facilitate your initial visit with us please complete the new patient packet which may be downloaded from our patient forms section. Have your medical record and vaccine record available so we may review them and make appropriate recommendations. Please arrive 30 minutes early to complete the necessary paperwork.

Well-Child Visits 

Please schedule your well-child visits at least 4-6 weeks in advance to choose the time that is most convenient for you.

To optimize your visit time, please come prepared with questions. This will ensure that all of your concerns will be addressed.  

Complex issues such as emotional development, socialization, learning issues, or family issues may be addressed at the initial well visit; however, they may need additional consultation time, which will result in a follow-up appointment with your doctor.  

Our well-child visits and vaccine schedule follow the guidelines established by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Table 1.  Well visit and vaccine schedule.
vac sched

At Cinco West Pediatrics, we believe that providing vaccinations is an important part of our role in protecting children from preventable diseases, serious illness, and disability.  We follow the immunization schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  These vaccines are safe and are associated with mostly minor side effects, such as fever and tenderness at the injection site.  More serious side effects, such as an allergic reaction, are rare.  This degree of risk exists when any medication is given, including over-the-counter medications.  We ask that parents at Cinco West Pediatrics follow the recommended vaccine schedule.

Sick Visits

We will make every effort to schedule an appointment for your sick child.  Please call ahead of time to minimize your wait time.  If you would like us to see more than one child during the same visit, please notify us while scheduling the appointment. Without an appointment, we may not be able to see a sick sibling immediately, and you may be asked to wait while the doctor sees a scheduled patient who may be waiting.
Mother and Baby kissing and hugging. Happy Family

Prenatal Consultation

Congratulations—you are expecting!  This is an exciting time for you, and at the same time, you may have questions regarding the arrival of your new bundle of joy.  We recommend making an appointment for a prenatal visit to meet our doctor and staff.  This will give you an opportunity to ask questions regarding our practice and obtain answers to your questions.